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Greenzone Energy Solutions provides sustainable energy solutions, at competitive prices to our clients globally. Greenzone Energy Solutions was founded with the bold mission of fostering sustainable development and creating better and cleaner earth for future generations. We intend to achieve this by bringing a renewable form of energy to millions of people despite their location.
Our entrance in the industry is targeted to meet the renewable energy needs of communities, industries, and households across Africa, who we seek to gain their trust by delivering solutions of value. Our partnership with globally recognized manufactures in solar photovoltaic and battery storage solutions allows us to deliver exceptional quality with market-leading cost structures. Our projects continually meet with customer’s needs as we aim to deliver exceptional solutions within budget.


Our vision to become a force to be reckoned as a turnkey energy solutions provider. We aim to provide renewable energy solutions to millions of customers across Africa, helping to meet their clean, green energy needs. It is our vision to ensure that we meet the energy needs of millions of households across the globe within the next five years, and every day we strive to make sure that this laudable goal becomes a reality.

Solar Energy

Photovoltaic power is proving to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the global renewable power generation in the world. The energy industry has witnessed a continual boom, with more companies seeking a share of the market. According to the African Development Bank, over 640 million Africans have no access to energy, corresponding to an electricity access rate for African countries at just over 40 per cent, the lowest in the world. With this blurry report staring us in the face, we seek to help residential, commercial, and government stakeholder meet their energy needs.


Keying into the benefits that renewable energy sources offer is one of the ways your company can pursue sustainability efforts and meet the needs of your customers. It is an economically viable way to meet targets if yours is a company highly dependent on energy to run its production and reducing the cost of production due to energy price volatility from other energy sources. Over the years we have supplied systems for a wide range of clients.


We can use the advantage of economies of scale in creating community-based solar solutions on a large scale. With the adverse effects of global climate change staring us in the face, our renewable energy development is playing key roles in providing a safe environment for all and sundry. These community solar solutions will provide renewable power to rural and urban communities at large.


Our products also provide energy solutions to residential buildings, helping our customers afford 24 hours uninterrupted powers supply.


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Decentralised Power Energy Broker

We offer a wide range of energy solutions aimed at reducing costs while increasing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Providing a smart and simple way of procuring and brokering energy is our vision. Businesses that implement grid systems c... Read more


The Ecoport model is the preferred commercial industry standard for solar car park solutions as it provides both shelter and solar power generation. The Ecoport can be expanded to house as many vehicles and solar panels, as necessary. It all depends ... Read more

Micro Grid Technology

Our Solar Microgrid series of remote hybrid solar system packages provide a reliable source of electricity for most needs. Microgrids are used in the community, industrial, and residential power systems and in applications where they provide the most... Read more

Solar Plants and Large-scale grid solutions

Solar Plants:

We undertake innovative solar plant projects, including the design, building, implementation and handover of these solar plants. Successfully delivering a solar power plant can... Read more

Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM)

Our world-class engineering, procurement, construction, and management (EPCM) team provide top-notch and innovative solar energy solutions to our customers in Africa. We offer turnkey solutions made possible by the structures put in place by our team... Read more

Energy Storage Solutions

With our global partners and our three research and development centres, we have the manufacturing capabilities of 6.5GWH battery manufacturing for all your storage needs. Our storage systems enable efficient storage of power produced. This makes it ... Read more

Load Banks and Load Balancers

Load Banks:

provide a means to commission, test and service all types of power sources including generators, turbines, batteries and fuel cells. They do this by providing an electrical load... Read more

Commercial Solar LED lighting

Our solar LED lighting and power system provides topnotch solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We take into consideration the geographical location and lighting design requirements for every project system design. Our systems find use in the... Read more


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