About Us

Lemba Resources is an emerging player in the mining sector in Africa. Our products are the bedrock in every aspect of modern life. Ours consists of portfolios made up of world-class operations offering value in every aspect of the value chain. We are involved in developing projects, tapping from unexplored resources – metals and minerals that are critical to the development of a modern and sustainable world. We are equipped to handle the demands of a fast-growing consumer-driven world, and a world where more emerging and developing economies are playing greater roles.
Meeting the demands of the ordinary man on the streets is at the heart of our business, whose life may be made better by the products we mine, process, move and market. That is why we use the latest technologies, quality engineers and teams to discover new resources, with the safety of everyone involved in the entire process at the back of our minds.
We are producers of a wide range of minerals and metals such as platinum, diamonds, gold, copper, and we are looking to add new products to our portfolios. We are committed to being carbon-neutral within the next twenty years. We work with our partners, sister companies, stakeholders, and host governments to tap from the enormous natural resources replete in nature to better the lives of the society. At Lemba Resources, we aim to improve lives.

Our purpose

We are in the business of improving people’s lives. Through our mining portfolios, we provide precious raw materials, buried deep under the earth, that modern society needs to explore its technological prowess. Our metals are vital to the needs of everyday life and use’ in today’s ever-evolving technological world. We aim to partner up with communities, businesses, and stakeholders to offer sustainable mining activities that make an impact in the communities that our projects are carried out. To put succinctly, ours is a venture aimed at making our future sustainable – for us and the future generation.


Every day we are thinking out new and innovative ways to mine and process our products. For every ounce, carat or kilo of any precious metal or mineral that we mine, we’re utilizing less energy, using renewable sources of energy and unique technologies to ensure that our world is made better by our approach. As a company, we have enriched lives by providing an avenue for every one of our employees to explore their talents – from the engineer at site, down right to the service agent in our customer service unit. We’re building a brighter future for host communities and countries where we have our operations, ensuring that we do not fail the vast number of people who depend on our projects to live better lives.

Our strategy

It is our strategy to develop and operate a wide range of portfolios of high quality and enduring assets, to give our investors and stakeholders a high return in investments. This we seek to achieve by continually evaluating our business approach and churning out innovative technologies to streamline our production strategies.


The Services We Offer


Our exploration services span from research to fieldwork. We take the pressure off your core business when you outsource your exploration tasks to us. We can provide informative and technical assistance in every stage of the exploration process. Sta ...

Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

We provide performance-driven solutions throughout the asset life cycle, from concept to decommissioning across a broad range of industrial markets, including the upstream, midstream and downstream mining, power & process, environment and infrastruct ...


Finding new mineral resources is essential to the operation and success of our business. Mining is usually a multi-pronged endeavour that involves the exploration and mining of these natural resources. It is our mission at Lemba Resources to create ...

Mineral Trading

We are a major supplier of commodities such as minerals and metals to industrial consumers. We have a direct relationship with mine owners, aggregators, and refineries. We undertake long-term supply of various metals and minerals to our partners and ...

Mines for Sales

We are a ready source for mines put up for sale. We link potential buyers and investors with mine owners. Mines up for sale are at different phases from greenfield projects to brownfields projects. A commission is paid to utilize the service based o ...


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