Our exploration services span from research to fieldwork. We take the pressure off your core business when you outsource your exploration tasks to us. We can provide informative and technical assistance in every stage of the exploration process.
Starting from the exploration and discovery of mineral resources buried underneath the earth to the reclamation of the land after the mining process, our operations can span 30 years, or even longer. This means that we immersed in the everyday life of the communities where we have our operations for decades. This has made us adopt the Lemba Resources core values everywhere we have dealings, ensuring that safety, inclusion, sustainability, and integrity.
Just before we explore new terrains, we involve our team of experts who evaluate the geological, biological, political, social, and cultural landscape of our place of interest and determine the viability of such endeavour and the value it holds for all and sundry.
Our Global Leadership Team plays strategic roles in the ethics and governance of our team during the lifecycle of a mine, ensuring that we keep up to already laid out values and strategies in ways that reflect our vision and mission.
We are in charge of maintaining our facilities, equipment, and assets at every stage of the process, ensuring that safety measures are respected, and the production blueprint is efficient.